The Ka

The Ka

Kelly Martell is someone I’ve experienced an array of emotions with – even before I met her. She’s someone I’ve admired, felt intimidated by, wanted to meet, and envied. She’s also a photographer, she’s got a strong (and awesome) personality, and an great body filled with tattoos. (Yes please)

Luckily, I’m a photographer as well. So when I feel envious towards another person, I get to channel that negative emotion into something as fun as an evening of portraits!

We got the perfect night when it comes to golden hour. Kelly and I were able to do multiple looks/outfits and locations, all in the same place! I love Nova Scotia because of how different the landscape can be just by turning around and facing the other direction. We took photos throughout that magic sunlight, and into the blue and purple skies that come shortly after.

Thanks, Kelly!



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