My Experience with “One Look”

My Experience with “One Look”

Hey all,

We’re all as artists guilty of comparing ourselves to each other. We scroll through social media and wonder if what we’re putting out holds up to others, and if we’re creating content that’s inspiring people as well. What if we embraced that different artists, different photographers, and different people all find a uniqueness in the same subjects?

When Kaylin approached me with the idea of the “One Look” series of videos, I was super excited. The concept is this: Four photographers choose a location each. They each pick an outfit and a time of day to shoot. One model (Malia in this particular case), is the subject for all four options. Every photographer gets to shoot in all four locations for 5 minutes; so 20 minutes total in each place. In this time, they create images that show their style and how they like to shoot. At the end of it all, a video is made to showcase that even though it’s the exact same model, lighting, and time of day, that we all end up with different looking images.

T’he idea of the series isn’t that it’s a competition on who had the best photo, but just to show that even though we all technically could have came up with the same thing, we’re all very different.

I know that it’s hard to just stop having self doubt, but we all have to remember that the creative industry is very diverse. Just because you think someone else’s work is better than your own doesn’t mean that it is. I love Nova Scotia and the East Coast for how open we are to helping others out, and for having the type of people to make a video like this possible.

The video is available to be watched at: and these are all my photos from the day!

Also, Thank You so much to Danny for filming, and Kaylin, Malia, Ian and Mike for making it happen!



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